How to use the CavitSlim?

how is it used?

1.Body parts where you can use it:

  • jowls - 5 minutes
  • decolletes -10 minutes (Preferably avoid areas where the heart is)
  • hips - 20 minutes
  • thighs - 20 minutes
  • Arm - 20 minutes
  • Abdomen - 20 minutes
  • Calf - 20 minutes

2.Device and device parts description:

3. How to use ultrasonic cavitation function:

Put the thin layer application gel onto the treated skin (gel is not supplied) . The gel is for use of the instrument very important. It creates the necessary bonding layer between the application head and skin. It is made based on water so it will not damage the application head. The application of the gel is necessary. The device mode ultrasonic is not possible without the presence of the gel on the skin use.

Connect the power cable into the device (at the bottom). Plug the adapter into a 220V.

Turn on the device, press the POWER button - the button will light red and you hear a beep sound.

Function ultrasonic waves will turn on pressing SONIC.

One press switches on the mode LOW (low) - it will light the LED diode at the letter "L"

A second press switches on the mode HIGH (high level) - it will light the LED diode at the letter "H"

Application head moves on the selected body part in circular motions (See. The following figures). NEVER let the Application head stay in one place. Ultrasonic cavitation function has automatically preset timer of 10 minutes. After this time, the unit automatically turns off (confirmation beep sound)

Note: Effect of ultrasonic waves is not felt on the skin. Users with good hearing can perceive the long continuous audible tone. To be sure, it is the action of the ultrasonic wave function, spray application head a few tiny drops of water. You can then see their oscillations. After this test, wipe dry immediately head.

4.How to use Infrared light function:

For more effective body shaping during ultrasonic cavitation, you are also recommended to activate the infrared light. Along the perimeter of the applicator head units are built in 4 IR emitters.

Infrared rays penetrate into the body in the wavelength range of 8 to 12nm. The infrared radiation in comparison to other sources of heat it has a better ability to penetrate deeper into the subcutaneous tissue.

Infrared heat is strongly supported by circulation. The body is then able to quickly get rid of harmful substances and waste products. Contributes to the overall regeneration and recovery of the body.

To use infrared light functions:

  1. After you connect the device to the mains cable, press INFRARED button.
  2. The function is activated, button glows INFRARED and 4 LEDs around the perimeter of the applicator head.
  3. During the movement across the skin will feel warmth. There's no burning sensation!
  4. Functions of infrared light turn off automatically after 10 minutes or can be switched off by yourself pressing INFRARED button (LEDs and button are off).

5. How to use EMS function:

  1. First, thoroughly clean the skin where you will apply the EMS pads. This is very important for the correct transmission of pulses through the skin.
  1. Each electrode plug to the flat EMS pads.
  1. EMS pads stick to the body part that you want to treat.
  1. Make sure cable is connected to the device. The socket is positioned below the surface of the applicator head cavitation.
  1. Before switching on, make sure the side button has the value of the 0.
  1. Once you connect the device to the electric socket, press the POWER button.

(POWER button lights up)

  1. Press the button EMS (electrostimulator function is ON).
  1. The electrical pulses begin to flow through to the skin as soon as you set the side button to the value of 1.
  1. On the other side of the device, select the mode of electrical pulses that suits you best. These are the following:

These modes are useful for muscle relaxation:




These modes are suitable for active muscle strengthening:



  1. During the treatment of the electrostimulator you can change the EMS function:

(TAPPING, MASSAGE, KNEAD, SCRAPPING, SLIMMING). You can change the power level of the EMS function also (0 - off,1,2,3,4,5).

EMS will switch off after 10 minutes automatically or you can switch it off by yourselves by the pressing EMS (LED button will lights off).

Note: If you just started using the massager, we recommend that the length of the application of 10 minutes, 20 minutes later. Never use electrical stimulation in one place for more than 30 minutes!

You can see in the picture how to apply electrode pads on the body:


6.Is treatment painful device?

Treatment with ultrasonic waves is completely painless.

7.How do I know that ultrasound devices really work?

During treatment, you will only hear a slight squeaking high, which emits an ultrasound. Sensitive individuals may feel a gentle tingling. As a test, you can apply a small amount of water drops on the application head. Ultrasound waves vibrate water molecules.

8.What results can be achieved?

The result is greatly influenced by several factors. How fast you get the results depends mainly on the rate of metabolism, the type of your fat condition lymphatic system or regimen. Under optimal conditions, it may be several centimeters loss after repeated treatment.

9.Ultrasonic cavitation is safe for the body?

If the instrument is used in the right parts, and users do not match any of these contraindications, ultrasonic cavitation is absolutely safe. The body can handle the gradual breakdown of fats.

10.What principles is essential to adhere to the desired slimming effect came?

As mentioned in the foregoing, it is necessary to modify the diet and increased fluid intake. Treatment ultrasonic cavitation can safely undergo after 7-10 days. We do not recommend treatment more than two batches simultaneously. If the caregiver of games that are closer together, the cavitation effect is multiplied. Otherwise (remote parts) with effect splits.